Tips for Women’s health

1) Alkalize.
Remember high school chem, when you learned about the PH scale? Our bodies also exist in a balance between acidity and alkalinity. High acidity in the body has been linked to fatiguebione loss, and a host of other symptoms that we’d all rather avoid.
What acidifies our bodies? Alcohol, drugs, nicotine, and caffeine are big culprits. We also create lactic acid when we digest meat, dairy, and very high-protein foods. These foods, also known as high-PRAL foods, acidify our blood. The human body doesn’t like to be in an acidic state, and it works overtime to compensate. Our lungs, kidneys, and other organs try to “neutralize” acidity by a process called buffering; this means linking the acid to a “base” mineral. These include sodium, potassium, and calcium. There’s now substantial research to prove that high-PRAL foods (which are typically also high-protein foods) contribute directly to calcium loss and over-taxation of the kidneys. Why? Because our body is trying to neutralize blood acid by leaching calcium from bones and into the bloodstream.

1. Diet may be the first thing that needs Your consideration as you make a plan to have a healthy lifestyle. Remember the adage Rubbish in is rubbish out and in check whatever you eat. A great balanced diet is essential for all specifically for girls because they are the future mothers. You may love fatty and junk food but when this is what you are feeding the body on, you are ultimately likely to feel lazy, lethargic and have dull complexion and depression. Replace your diet with healthy eatables. Simple diet changes i.e. milk, fruits, fresh meat, vegetables, fibers and cereals ought to be the first thing in your to-do list.

2. Take water and lots of it
All women who want fresh skin and healthy body need to take 8 – 10 glasses of water per day and there is no second opinion about this. Menstruating women must take iron supplements to create up for their monthly lack of blood. Post-menopausal women should include calcium within their diet to fend off osteoporosis and pain.