Constitution of Bunts Association of UK 1st September 2012 AGM

1. Registered name of the organisation

The name of the organisation is Bunts Association of UK. The address for the correspondence will be the address of the current honorary secretary of the Bunts Association of UK

2. Eligibility

Bunts, their spouses and children

3. Aims and objectives

  • To promote social contact among the bunts who are residents of the United Kingdom and their Children.
  • To promote members welfare, unity, and ongoing identity with Bunt legacy, cultural heritage and history.
  • To encourage achievement in educational, sporting and extra-curricular activities, arts and cultural activities among members and their families
  • To maintain contact and reciprocity with Bunts Associations all over the world

4. Membership

  • Individual membership (any one over the age of 21)
  • Family membership for couples and any children who are in full time education
  • Honorary membership to be conferred only on the approval of the committee( 2/3 majority with the president having the deciding vote).
  • Eligibility to vote and contest for the post of Office Bearers - Only paid members over the age of 18 who are members for at least 3 months prior to the AGM, are eligible to vote.

    All paid members over the age of 21 and of 3 months standing (Eligible Members) are eligible to be elected or to contest for the post of the President, Secretary and the membership of the committee

  • Election process:

    Nominations for all the posts with proposal by two paid Eligible Members (a proposer and a seconder) shall be sent to the secretary at least 3 months before the AGM so that arrangement for a secret ballot could be arranged by the president and the executive committee ,if there are more than one candidate for a particular post.

5. Membership Fee

  • All members are required to pay the membership fee (preferably by direct debit) prior to the AGM. Membership will cease the day before the AGM in case of non payment
  • From time to time, the executive committee can recommend the change to the level of membership fee to the AGM. Only the AGM can decide /fix the membership to each category.

6. Executive Committee

  • Comprises of the President, Secretary cum Treasurer and 6 committee members, preferably 2 members from Scotland, 2 from middle England, which includes Midland and north of England, and 2 members from Southern England (For ease of meeting, the committee shall comprise of members from Southern England if no nominations are received from Scotland) The Committee shall co-opt (with no voting right in the Committee) 2 members to oversee the entertainment arrangements and 1 member to oversee the sporting activity as well as 1 member to manage the web-site which at the moment is a permanent position.
  • The Term of office for each post is a minimum of 2 years.
  • The President Holds the highest position in the organisation for 2 years and chairs all official meetings, encourages democratic discussions on all matters regarding the upholding of the Bunts Association UK and will have a casting vote in the event of tied situations in any meetings of the executive committee and the AGM.
  • The Secretary cum treasurer.

    The secretary shall hold the position for 2 years. The secretary shall prepare the agenda and minutes of the meeting and be in communication with the committee in all matters relating to the organisation. The secretary shall manage the funds of the organisation and produce a brief summary of the accounts with support and help from the president and committee members

  • The Executive Committee members (6 elected and 2 to 3 co opted members) Shall work and assist the president and the secretary in arranging and planning of the events and running of the organisation.
  • Where an Office Bearer resigns the post mid-term, the existing members of the Committee shall decide on how that post should be covered.

7. Finance

The Secretary will be in charge of the finance until there is need for the position of a treasurer. The secretary and one other member of the executive committee shall sign the cheques . The secretary will prepare a brief update of finance for the members before the AGM

8. Annual General Meeting

AGM will take place on the day of the annual gathering and an agenda shall be circulated to the members whenever possible so that there is time and preparation for discussion to take place. Constitutional amendments should be proposed in writing to the secretary at least 3 months before the AGM and will be circulated by e mail to members to allow due consideration and balanced debate well before the AGM. Such constitutional amendments will need 2/3 majority. Any Constitutional amendments if raised at the AGM may be discussed but will only be voted upon at the next AGM if it is to be carried. All other proposals can be decided with simple majority at the AGM

9. Resignation from the Association

Members who are moving out of the UK permanently or those wishing to discontinue membership may write to the Secretary to inform and then cancel their Standing order.