Bunts Association UK, was formed in 1990 by Dr. Bellare Madhava Shetty. His enthusiasm and forward thinking led to the formation of this Association.

The main purpose of Bunts Association is to socialise on a yearly basis, providing members, in particular the younger generations, the opportunity to explore their identity and sense of belonging.

The first Annual General Body Meeting was held at the Crest Hotel, Rochester, Kent. Since the first meeting, Bunts Association UK has grown in size and strength. Today there are approximately 200 people belonging to this Association. We hope that more members will join the Association and take part in the cultural activities to keep the mantle of our identity and spirit alive.

The Association was formed at the first meeting of the Bunts of U.K. held at Rochester, Kent in February 1990.

1. Title: The Bunts Association (UK)

2. Aims: (a) To promote social contact among the Bunts in U.K.;
(b) To popularise the cultural heritage of the Bunts;
(c) To encourage achievement in educational, sporting and extracurricular activities;
(d) To maintain contact and reciprocity with Bunts Association all over the world.

3. Eligibility:
(a) Bunts, their spouses and their families;
(b) Those who subscribe to the same culture and philosophy.

4. Office Bearers:
President: 2 years term. Elected by General Body;
Secretary: 2 years term. Elected by General Body;
Executive Committee: 2 members from London & South of England;
2 members from Midlands, Wales & North of England;
2 members from Scotland.
Duration of term is 2 years but eligible for re-election if necessary.

5. Subscription:
Annual Subscription of £15 per household is payable by direct debit in January each year.
Any changes should be approved by the General Body.
The Secretary will maintain and submit an account to the General Body.

6. Meeting:
The members of the Association will meet once a year by rotation in their regions
- London & South of England;
- Midlands & North of England;